Radialsystem V


This year’s Berlin Urban Tech Summit will take place in Radialsystem V near Ostbahnhof, directly on the River Spree. The former pumping station in Holzmarktstraße was built between 1879 and 1880 following the completion of the sewerage system in the Stralau quarter according to plans by architect Richard Tettenborn. During the Second World War, a third of the plant was destroyed, but it remained in operation until 1999. Today, the impressive brick architecture of an industrial monument from the early 20th century is combined with the transparent elegance of two new buildings made of glass, steel and exposed concrete and designed by architect Gerhard Spangenberg.

Originally it was water masses from the rapidly developing metropolis Berlin, today it is ideas that circulate in the former pumping station on the banks of the Spree: Since its opening in September 2006, Radialsystem V has established itself internationally as a stimulating meeting place for the arts. It sees itself not only as a flexible venue for events, offering space for performances, but also as a creative production site for the development of new event formats – but above all as a space for the new and the unexpected.

With its exciting symbiosis of old and new and an inspiring atmosphere, Radialsystem V offers the ideal space for an exchange on the metropolis of the future.


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